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Curls need water. The more water can enter the hair, the less frizz you will have and the more clumped your curls will become. Frizz is dry hair reaching for moisture in the air. The more moisture your hair can obtain, the more defined your curls will be.

Know your environment

Know if you have humidity or hard/soft water where you live. The more moisture in the air, the more your hair will want to reach out for it, thus frizz can happen. Your water can also contain high amounts of minerals and chemicals, thus coating the hair and blocking the hair from getting the moisture it needs.

Know your ingredients

Heavy Oils and non water based products don’t allow your hair water and coats your hair shaft, not allowing your hair the moisture it needs. No silicones, parabens or sulphates.

Is your hair damaged?

When your hair is damaged it has been overly exposed to heat (hot tools, blow dryer), chemicals (hair color, lightener), environment (sun, water) or styling tools (brush, comb). You can not reverse damage, but you can help to lessen it. Regaining healthier hair does not happen over night and takes patience.

Why organic?

I choose organic because I believe in clean beauty and healthy hair. What we put on our hair in and out of the shower is crucial to our body and curls. Innersense Organic has nothing in it that will stop your curls from getting water and being the healthiest they can be. The products can translate to all curl types I come across in my salon.


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