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It is my mission to help you love your natural curls! I am here to help you embrace your natural beauty, using all organic styling products and simple techniques to get the healthiest, super shiny, frizz-free curls you never knew you had!

Curl Education

Resources for your curly hair journey.


A quick refresher on the basics of living with and loving your curly hair.



Step-by-step instructions for every curl type taught by Loni Jean Lafinier.



Ever wondered how I get the curls to look the way they do on my social media?!

I have hired the best videographer to help me put together tutorials on the most common hair types I see in my salon for step-by- step instructions to wash, apply product and dry your curls to perfection. 👌

These relatable tutorials can be translated to so many different curl types and help you be better able to explore organic products and try new ways of styling your natural curls!


Frequently Asked Questions

I typically wash my hair 1 to 2 times per week.

I do not co wash my own hair since I only wash my hair 1-2 times per week.

The key is to know what ingredients are in your shampoo and whether or not it contains a harsh detergent. Not all suds are bad. All natural ingredients will help gently cleanse your hair. I recommend using Innersense Hairbath.

When I pick a diffuser I make sure the inside of the diffuser is concave and shaped like a bowl. The bowl shape is good for gathering curls and drying efficiently. Most dryers do come with a bowl shaped diffuser but if yours did not, Conair has one that’s universal.

I typically use a deep conditioner about twice a month.

I recommend wetting sections of your hair to refresh, but not till it is sopping wet. Instead, slowly add water until you see the curl clump back together.

Silicones, waxes and oils can create a barrier and buildup on the hair which makes it impossible for water and products to properly go into the hair. If you feel heavy residues or adverse reactions to products, you most likely have build up.

Your hair can break if it lacks moisture or has protein deficiencies.

Hard water is caused by minerals in your water. Hard water can deposit those minerals on the hair and block hair from getting moisture.

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"Loni Jean is the most authentic hair stylist I have been to as a lifelong curly girl. She learns everything she can about your hair before cutting it, applying products, and styling it. As a teacher myself, I can attest that Loni Jean uses valid strategies to ensure you learn exactly how to style your hair and repeat it time after time successfully. My hair looks better than it ever has before and it is all because Loni Jean took the time to teach me about my own hair, products, and techniques."

- Sharon U

"I’ve never even met you and you’ve taught me so much about how to care for my fine wavy/curly hair! Thank you for your lives on insta!♥️"

-Gina N

"Oh my goodness. Where do I start! The first appointment I had with Loni changed the way I look at my hair forever! After years of hating my curls, Loni helped me to see my true beauty. The way she teaches product application and curl care are instrumental for anyone struggling with their curls. Like anything, the technique takes time to master. But after some practice the beautiful results you see Loni create in the salon are totally achievable at home. I couldn't say enough good things!"

- Jen R

"Thank you soo much Loni!! I had looked forward to my appointment for weeks! I can’t believe it already happened. In just one appointment, one hour, I got to fix a problem I’ve struggled with for years! Loni helped me to embrace my natural curls, and also keep it healthy and organic! My hair feels softer, bouncier, more defined and it feels so great to know it’s not filled with chemicals and GMOs. Best decision made. Thank you for letting us feel comfortable and for being patient and taking your time to explain every little detail to us! It’s very much appreciated. Thank you 💛"

- Lauren F

"After a lifetime of wishing I had straight hair, I started to learn how lucky I was to have curly hair. Embarking on a curly journey was a bit daunting but Loni is patient and so friendly and helped me learn how to style my own hair to get the volume and definition I want to have the mermaid hair I’ve always wanted. I so appreciate that she teaches you how to do your own hair so you are empowered to continue the same hair care routine and also makes herself available to answer questions. ❤️"

- Caroline S

"Loni is honestly the best! She has helped me so much with my curls and has given me so much confidence in them! I am proud of the hair I was born with and she has helped me fine tune them to what they are today! She is always sharing tips and tricks and will respond to any questions you have! She is full of the right information and is always striving to find more!"

- Megan H



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