Desert Curls Technique

Step-by-step tutorial for common curl types taught by curl master Loni Jean Lafinier.

About the tutorial

Hi! I’m Loni Jean, owner of Desert Curls Studio located in Sparks Nevada.  

It’s my mission to help others love and embrace their natural curly hair. I use plant based organic products to achieve the best and healthiest hair possible. 

I developed this tutorial to help you start your curl journey or help tweak your current one.

When watching the videos, it is important to make sure you properly assess your own hair health and know how your environment can change your curl routine. What might work for one curly might not work for you.

My tutorial includes the four most common curl types I see in my salon. Each curl type is used to demonstrate step-by-step product application, styling, diffusing and end results. 

If you are ready to embrace your curls, get your hair healthy, or are just wanting a new approach to your curl routine now, keep scrolling to learn more about this tutorial. 

I'm so excited to help natural curly men and women like you love and feel confident with their natural curls by using all organic products and my signature technique! I've broken down each step into easy, how-to videos which will allow you to replicate the amazing curls you see on my social media.

Inside the tutorial:

  • 32 step-by-step videos showing you exactly what I do in the salon.
  • Best practices for achieving hydrated natural curls that will last multiple days .
  • Product recommendations for using all organic styling products to achieve the healthiest hair possible. 
  • Tips and tricks I've learned as a curl expert.

Peek Inside the Tutorial


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